Tormenting Questions

Sadly, so many marriages today suffer from one partner being unfaithful. Most of us think of adultery when we think of unfaithfulness, but spouses can also be unfaithful with their eyes or thoughts. The results can be just as damaging on a marriage and leave the partner with lots of questions. I hear from so many women about this topic that I found this list of questions helpful. No matter your situation, you are not alone.

Taken from The Healing Choice: How to Move Beyond Betrayal by Brenda Stoeker and Susan Allen, in their chapter “I’d Rather Not Be Here”

•Has he told me everything?

•How can I ever trust him again? Would I know if he was at it again?

•Why can’t I stop thinking about what he did?

•Why didn’t I see this coming? How could I be such a total fool?

•How can he make me feel so inadequate?

•I can’t stand the sight of him. How could I feel love for him again?

•I can’t tell anyone; how would they understand if I stayed?

•If anyone knew, I’d die of shame. How could I tell anyone?

•How can he be so together in other parts of his life?

•People think he’s such a great guy; what if they knew?

•How could he do this to me, after everything we’ve been through?

•How can I leave…with two children, and one on the way?

•Can I trust him with the kids?

•How can I hurt him like he has hurt me?

•Why do I think like this? Sometimes I wish he were dead.

•I can’t even move from my sofa. How can I move from my depression?