Pleas-Ant vs. Self-Reli Ant

Co-dependency Defined

When we seek love and significance from anyone or anything, instead of God.

“The reason our lives have become unmanageable is because we are attempting to meet our deepest emotional needs IN OUR OWN WAYS and IN OUR OWN STRENGTH…and we can’t.”

LIFE Guide: Living In Freedom Everyday

Co-dependency can look different depending on your personality.   See if you can relate to either of these two personality types.


•people pleasers

•never rock the boat

•rarely express anger



•desire to help out any way they can

•don’t want to offend anyone

•difficulty saying “no”

•trouble expressing their wants and desires



being rejected / unloved / unaccepted / undesired / abandoned


I will do anything for your love.

(ex. Prodigal Son)


Self-Reli Ant

•take charge

•highly motivated to succeed and accomplish


•decision makers

•get things done


•committed to excellence

•hate feeling powerless, humiliated, or out of control

•control and manipulate to get what they want

•prove their right

•feel entitled to their feelings




being inadequate / incompetent / disrespected / insignificant / worthless


I will prove to you that I’m worth loving.

(ex. Older Brother)


* Information taken from LIFE Guide: Living In Freedom Everyday