Core Needs

Do You Notice Me?
(Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

Stasi Eldredge shares her story of when she was five years old how she stood on her grandparents coffee table and belted out every song she knew.  She discovered something.

“You see, every little girl is asking one fundamental Question, a question that is core to her heart. Am I lovely? Do you see me? Am I worth fighting for? I wanted to capture attention.” Still we search…Because life has not gone the way it was supposed to go.

2 Core Needs:

  1. Completely Loved and Accepted, 
  2. Significant and Valuable 

LIFE Guide:  Living in Freedom Everyday

Am I Worth Fighting For?

“As girls, we did not know to bring our heart’s Question to God, and before we learned to do so, most of us were given answers in a very painful way. We have been wounded into believing awful things about ourselves. And so every woman comes into the world set up for a terrible heartbreak. (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

“The wounds that we received as young girls did not come alone. The brought messages with them, messages that struck at the core of our hearts, right in the place of our Question. As children, we didn’t have the faculties to process and sort through what was happening to us. Our parents were godlike. We believed them to be right. If we were overwhelmed or belittled or hurt or abused, we believed that somehow it was because of us–the problem was with us. Many women still feel that way. We can’t put words to it, but down deep we fear there is something terribly wrong with us. (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

“Words were said, painful words. Things were done, awful things. And our wounds shaped us. Something inside of us shifted. We embraced the messages of our wounds. We accepted a wrong view of ourselves, and that view influenced how we chose to relate to our world. We made a vow never to be in that place again. We adopted strategies to protect ourselves from being hurt again. A woman who is living out of a broken, wounded heart is a woman who is living a self-protective life. She may not be aware of it, but it’s true. It’s our way of trying to “save ourselves.” (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

“The ache is there. The wounds we received and the messages they brought…formed a deep mistrust of the heart of God towards us. Clearly, he’s holding out on us. We’ll just have to arrange for the life we want. We will control our world. But there is a deep ache within. We’ll have to find a way to fill it. A way that does not require us to trust anyone, especially God. A way that will not require vulnerability. (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

“The lies the snake hissed to Eve in the garden are the very same lies the snake whispers to us in the middle of the night and in every vulnerable moment of our lives. We, too, are tempted to believe that God does not have our best interests in mind, for if he did, then we wouldn’t feel so alone, we wouldn’t have the sorrows that we bear, we wouldn’t still be waiting for our dreams to come true. (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)

“Beneath every striving, controlling, indulging, hiding, or desolate woman is a wounded little girl. Longfellow said, “If we could see into the secret lives of even our enemies, we would find enough suffering and sorrow there to end all hostilities.” (Your Captivating Heart, by Stasi Eldredge)