40 Questions

“May I Have This Dance?” by Joyce Rupp, copyright 1992. Will you believe that I love you without any reservations? Will you trust me? Will you let me be your strength? Will you let go of your own strong control? Will you believe in your own giftedness? Will you walk with insecurity for a while? […] Read more »

Do You Trust Me?

I remember as a kid singing the song, “Trust and Obey” in Sunday School. Trusting God seemed so easy in my little kid brain. After all, why wouldn’t you trust in God? He is so big and powerful — I was not. But as I’ve grown into an adult, trusting God with the outcome of […] Read more »

Joy to the World!

Although this popular hymn is familiar to us all, is there truth to be found in it after the holidays are over? What is joy, true joy? Can we experience joy all year long? Some assume that joy simply means to be happy. “If I am happy, then I will be joyful.” We link the […] Read more »

Letting Go of Insecurity!

What if I told you that whatever you thought about yourself would come true — either positive or negative? What would your life look like if you were given the opportunity to start over? Let’s be honest, we’ve all struggled with insecurity or negative thinking at some point in our lives. Today, I want to […] Read more »

Re-Discover Yourself

Sometimes, in the busyness and pain of life, we lose sight of WHO WE ARE?  Spend time this week, re-discovering yourself.  Make a list of things you enjoy.   This may be hard for some of you because you have been so busy taking care of others and putting their needs first, that you don’t […] Read more »

The Donkey Story

I love this story I heard once about a donkey. There was an old farmer whose donkey fell into an empty well. The farmer was old and the donkey was too. The farmer knew he didn’t have enough strength to pull the donkey out of the deep hole. So he reasoned to himself, “This donkey […] Read more »

When God Says No

“I want it and I want it now!” Have your kids ever said this to you? Sometimes I can act like a kid before God. I go to Him with my prayers and ask for everything that I WANT and HOW I want it and WHEN. I never stop to ask Him what He wants […] Read more »

A Time To Play

“Play with me Mommy.” The words bounce back and forth in my head. I look at my “To Do” list. I have more things on it than I have time to complete in one day. I still need to finish up some things from yesterday too. I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I push it aside […] Read more »

Life is Like a Roller Coaster

We took our kids to the Six Flags Great America theme park recently to let them experience roller coasters and other fun rides. In the car on the way there I confessed to my husband that I wasn’t too excited about going. Honestly, I was super scared. I prayed the whole time that God would […] Read more »


Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal only to find yourself sabotaging your results? I find myself struggling lately to stay on track with eating healthy. I’m trying to go gluten free. I must admit, I’m not doing very well. When I eat only healthy, non-processed foods, I feel great. I have tons […] Read more »